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strucTEM Measure

fast & modern software for
"Virtual Scanning Electron Microscopy" & "Virtual Microscopy"

Measuring microscopy images:
Online, fast, accurate, flexible

strucTEM Measure is our new software for measuring microscopy images.

In the basic version sizes and distances can be measured within beautiful images of our ART collection.

And this is how it works: One click at the beginning, one click at the end. Very simple. Very fast. As often as you like.

strucTEM Measure

Flexible magnifications

The required magnifications can be adjusted as required.
In this way even the smallest details can be measured accurately and without errors.

strucTEM Measure

strucTEM Measure
Fast & modern software for  "Virtual Scanning Electron Microscopy" & "Virtual Microscopy

strucTEM Measure is provided by strucTEM "as is" regardless of any errors. strucTEM makes no warranties or guarantees of any kind regarding safety, suitability, inaccuracy, typographical errors or other unwanted components of strucTEM Measure.

Image rights & licenses
The copyright of all microscopy images is held by strucTEM .
The images and stored parts of the images may be used for private purposes.
For all other applications please contact  "contact @

strucTEM Measure