Double Split Ends

Split ends, of course, only occur with poorly maintained hair!

It would be nice. The sad truth is that many hair care products – even expensive ones – severely attack hair structures for a beautiful first impression.

The direct link to our double hair split in strucTEM-Measure:

Interesting facts about hair split ends (trichoptilosis):

Due to friction and/or thermal/chemical stress, the hair tip loses its protective cuticle covering. As a result, the hair usually splits into two or more individual strands at the hair tip. The hair appears brittle.

Hair care products that are supposed to help with split ends merely glue the broken hair ends together so that they are no longer noticeable to the naked eye.

The only right thing to do is to cut off the broken ends so that the hair does not split even further.

Part 2/7: Hair in the strucTEM microscope
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