Fungal spores as nanomaterial?

The tiny nanospheres shown in the scanning electron microscope are spores of a puffball, a fungus genus from the mushroom-like order.Because of their uniform size and shape retention after carbonization, researchers are considering their use as nano-biocarbon. E.g., in Read more

Hair analyses

Scanning electron microscopic hair analysis: quality control, origin control, product development or simply answering the question: “Is my hair healthy?”

Examples can be found in our interactive online softwarestrucTEM Measure Hair:

Hair analyses with the scanning electron microscope: Read more

Rabbit hair

Rabbit and hare fur usually consists of thick, broad topcoat (orange) and thin undercoat (blue). The thin undercoat hairs are usually spinnable and are therefore also called underwool.Interesting & sad facts about Angora wool

The soft Angora wool Read more


A fascinatingly ordered structure that reminds us of a horsetail.

However: it’s a hair from the undercoat of a mouse. It is so tiny that only a scanning electron microscope reveals the filigree structure.

Remember: if you don’t know Read more

Magic stick

Its all a question of correct dimensions!

What’s the diameter of this stick? Maybe three cm? Then it could be a branch. Or only 8mm? Then it’s probably a smoldering cigarette.

Find out for yourself in strucTEM-Measure:

Hedgehog Spine

Have you ever wondered about the structure of a hedgehog spine? Some say they are hairs that have grown together. Others say that the spines are hollow inside.

The truth is that both hair and hedgehog spines consist mainly Read more

Double Split Ends

Split ends, of course, only occur with poorly maintained hair!

It would be nice. The sad truth is that many hair care products – even expensive ones – severely attack hair structures for a beautiful first impression.

The direct Read more

Cat Top Hair

A cat’s top hair in a scanning electron microscope.Magnification: 2500x

How thick is it? Look closely with strucTEM-Measure:

Interesting facts about cat hair:

Most cats are incredibly cuddly because they have so many soft hairs. But how Read more


Microscopically small chive pollen: length just about 0.035 mm

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Shell of a bird egg

The shell of a small bird egg at about 3000x magnification in a  scanning electron microscope – SEM.

The outer eggshell (left) and the shell membrane (outer eggshell membrane, right) are clearly visible. The basic substances of the Read more