Fly wings: quite hairy!

The wing of a housefly in the scanning electron microscope.Magnification: 900xImage width: 300µm

Tilia Pollen

Lime tree pollen in relief representation.

Imaging technique: scanning electron microscopy (SEM), 7000x.Pollen diameter: 33 µm.


Dried sourdough: the round starch grains are densely stacked (mixed rye bread).The starch can store water, enables gelatinization and is a very important ingredient for the metabolism of the yeast and lactic acid bacteria in the dough.

Imaging technique: Read more

Camomile Pollen

Pollen on one of the many yellow tubular flowers of a real camomile. Camomile flowers are used as an anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, against flatulence and as a stomachic. For example in camomile tea.

The magnification: 600x when viewed on a Read more

Cat Hair

Cat hair in the scanning electron microscope: very thin, rough cuticula…and a lot of dirt!

SEM magnification: 2500fold

Egg Shell Membrane

The inside of an eggshell at 1200x magnification in a scanning electron microscope:

View of the inner eggshell membrane.


Spaghetti under the microscope: the densely packed individual starch grains are clearly visible. Scanning electron microscope image at 1200x magnification.


Damaged fibers of roasted pork. The images were taken at 8°C in a scanning electron microscope.

Magnification: 500-fold.

Amaryllis – Pollen

Two Amaryllis pollen in the scanning electron microscopeMagnification: 2000x