Fungal spores as nanomaterial?

The tiny nanospheres shown in the scanning electron microscope are spores of a puffball, a fungus genus from the mushroom-like order.
Because of their uniform size and shape retention after carbonization, researchers are considering their use as nano-biocarbon. E.g., in supercapacitors (Hariram et al., 2021). Or as a standard reference in monodisperse aerosols (Zhirnov et al., 2019).

Puffball spores to measure in strucTEM-Measure:

Source data:
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Zhirnov, Anatoliy A., et al. “Spores of puffball fungus Lycoperdon pyriforme as a reference standard of stable monodisperse aerosol for calibration of optical instruments.” PloS one 14.1 (2019): e0210754.