Hair analyses

Scanning electron microscopic hair analysis: quality control, origin control, product development or simply answering the question: “Is my hair healthy?”

Examples can be found in our interactive online software
strucTEM Measure Hair:

Hair analyses with the scanning electron microscope:

Interesting facts about strucTEM-Measure
The software was developed in-house by my son Robin Braun – mathematician & software engineer – to facilitate the analysis of microscopic images for us and our customers. The result is an ingeniously simple and versatile analysis tool.

The clever extra: the already existing filters can elicit many more secrets from the recorded object.

The nice extra: the possible labels and magnifications are so flexible that strucTEM Measure can also be used to create images ready for publication in no time at all.

Description of strucTEM Measure:

strucTEM Measure on Youtube:

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