Blueberry Powder

Freeze-dried blueberry fruit pieces in the microscope.The displayed magnifications are 20- & 60-fold in the light microscope (LM) and 170- & 1400-fold in the scanning electron microscope (SEM).

The accompanying zoom video:

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Freeze-dried Mango

This overview image shows freeze-dried mango fruit pieces at different magnifications. 20x and 60x in a light microscope (LM). 670x and 2700x in a scanning electron microscope (SEM). The magnifications refer to the views on a 19 inch screen.

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Spruce Wood

Spruce wood in a scanning electron microscope (view perpendicular to the trunk diameter). At high resolution, the circular pits are easy to see. Pits are thinner portions of the cell wall that allowing mass transfer between neighboring cells.

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Lime Crystals

Sometimes it’s worth taking a close-up: Although a layer of lime in a saucepan is really annoying – the growing lime crystals look really beautiful in a SEM!

See also our video:

Magnification: 1250 foldImage width: 215 µm

Tilia Pollen

Lime tree pollen in relief representation.

Imaging technique: scanning electron microscopy (SEM), 7000x.Pollen diameter: 33 µm.

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Cat Hair

Cat hair in the scanning electron microscope: very thin, rough cuticula…and a lot of dirt!

SEM magnification: 2500fold


Spaghetti under the microscope: the densely packed individual starch grains are clearly visible. Scanning electron microscope image at 1200x magnification.


Damaged fibers of roasted pork. The images were taken at 8°C in a scanning electron microscope.

Magnification: 500-fold.